Boulders beach in Cape Town

Come Holiday in Cape Town by the beach

Life is a beach… and a holiday in Cape Town by the beach will give you a life-enriching experience. Cape Town has some of the world’s best beaches and pristine blue flag beaches on offer. It is time to discover Cape Town’s beach culture.

What a beach holiday in Cape Town is like…

Imagine you wake up to the sound of the sea. Your bedroom has 180ᵒ vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. You are on holiday in Cape Town by the beach. Chances are you are in an exclusive beach bungalow on one of Clifton’s four beaches.

Picture yourself sunbathing on the beach in Clifton. Feel the sun sting your bare body. The salty balm of the sea mixes with the scent of your sunscreen. Fine pure white beach sand clings to your toes.

If you love action, you can already sense the excitement. You are about to straddle your board to ride the waves at Glen Beach. This little gem is tucked in between Clifton and Camps Bay.

Hear the happy voices of your kids as they toss Frisbees and run carefree on the sandy beach.

Now visualise the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. You are sitting on Camps Bay beach. Sip your favourite sundowner as the sun’s yellow yolk sinks into the deep blue sea.

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The three best beaches in Cape Town

Are you ready for a holiday near one of the best beaches in Cape Town? Between Camps Bay Beach, Clifton’s four beaches and Llandudno Beach, it is easy to see why people come from all over the world on holiday to Cape Town to enjoy the beaches.

Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay beach on a summer's day
Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay beach is South Africa’s playground for the rich and famous. If you enjoy a busy, trendy atmosphere, this is the beach for you. The beach has a wide lawn section. A line of large palm trees on the lawn creates a border between the beach and Victoria Road. Cafes, beach restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels add life to the bustling street.

Camps Bay beach is wide with pure white sand. The good water quality, environmental management and education, as well as safety and services of the beach, all contributed to its status as a Blue Flag Beach. Despite the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a popular swimming spot. There are sufficient lifeguards on duty during summer.

In summer, the beach becomes a playground. Volleyball, beach bats, touch rugby and fun sports create a holiday atmosphere. The beach has clean sanitary facilities and waste and disposal bins available.

Visitors should be able to find on-street parking. If there is no parking on Victoria Road, parking spots may open further up in any of the nearby streets. However, Camps Bay Beach is also on the MyCiTi bus route. Many vacationers prefer to stay near Camps Bay Beach and walk to the amenities.

Clifton's Beaches

Clifton beach in Cape Town
Clifton Beach

Clifton’s beaches (take note, there are four!) are fantastic for sunbathers, surfers and swimmers alike. Large granite boulders protect Clifton beachfront from the infamous South-Easter wind.

Clifton First Beach has the strongest surf, so expect the local surfer crowd there.

Clifton Second Beach is a popular spot for beach sports. Students create a relaxed atmosphere playing soccer, volleyball and touch rugby.

Clifton Third Beach is the smallest of them all and a great place to experience Cape Town’s gay culture.

Clifton Fourth Beach is the most popular. It draws Cape Town’s beautiful bronzed bodies with its azure water and white sand. It also counts among South Africa’s 10 Blue Flag beaches.

The yachts mooring off Clifton Fourth Beach endorse it as a great sunset spot. Full moon picnics are also very popular on Clifton Fourth Beach. With the sun setting after 20:00, families with young children can join in the fun.

To enjoy everything Clifton beaches has to offer, find beachfront accommodation in Clifton.

Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach in Cape Town
Llandudno Beach

Although the sea temperature is freezing, Llandudno Beach is beautiful and exclusive. It is one of the quietest beaches because of its secluded location. It is also one of South Africa’s Blue Flag Beaches.

Llandudno Beach is a fun home to families, tourists and surfers. You will find beachgoers playing Frisbee and beach bats. Wetsuit-wearing surfers paddle to catch the waves and people run and relax on the beach.

There are no beach vendors in Llandudno. Pack a picnic, beach umbrella and chair to spend the day. The best news is that you can rent luxury villas at Llandudno Beach with sea views.

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Diaz Beach in Cape Town
Diaz Beach

More beautiful beaches around Cape town

Explore the other beautiful beaches in and around Cape Town.

Bakoven Beach

This tiny beach right next to Camps Bay beach has no amenities of its own. If you need a little solitude, it is a great place to celebrate the setting sun. This beach has little sand and is clad in granite rocks.

Sea Point Beach

With its location on the Sea Point Promenade, this is the most accessible beach in the city. Many ‘Capetonians’ pop over there after work to soak up some sun. The Promenade is a popular exercise route. Runners and cyclists also take breaks on Sea Point Beach.

Sandy Bay Beach

Unofficially known as a nudist beach, Sandy Bay does not have any direct motor vehicle access. Beachgoers have to take on a 20-minute walk along a path from a small parking lot in Llandudno. Upon arrival, a long stretch of beach divided by granite slabs is the reward. Cape Town’s gay society favours the far side of the beach.

Sunset Beach

This beautiful beach has postcard-perfect views of Table Mountain and Robben Island. Not far north of the city, Sunset Beach in Milnerton has a long, white sandy beach. Windy conditions make it an excellent haunt for kitesurfers and windsurfers.

Diaz Beach

Take a rewarding 20-minute walk down to Diaz Beach at Cape Point. You will set eyes on a romantic, secluded beach. The sandy white beach offset against the dark rocks. Strong currents make swimming hazardous. However, bodyboarders and surfers feel comfortable pursuing their sport here.

Boulders Beach

The colony of African penguins who call this beach home is a popular tourist attraction. Managed by Cape Nature, it is worthwhile to visit this beach near Simon’s Town for close encounters with penguins. Bring a bathing costume along. You may get a chance to swim in nature alongside penguins in the clear water between the large boulders on the beach.

Muizenberg Beach

Cape Town has super surf spots on the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean sides. Whichever way the wind blows, there is always a great place to surf. One of the most popular surf spots is Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg. You will find surf schools and restaurants in the area. Muizenberg is also a Blue Flag beach.

stunning villas Llandudno Cape Town
Atlantic Ocean Coastline

When should you visit Cape Town?

We believe anytime is the best time to visit Cape Town. However, if you are yearning for a beach holiday, summer is best. November can still have cool days. December, January and February are the hottest months. March can also bring pleasantly perfect beach weather.

What about safety in Cape Town?

If you are concerned about your safety in Cape Town, we would like to put you at ease. Cape Town is similar to any other large city. If you stay in beach accommodation on the Atlantic Seaboard, you are in some of the safest areas in Cape Town. Camps Bay, Clifton and Llandudno are good suburbs with excellent security measures in place. You will be able to relax completely and not feel threatened by crime.

How would you keep busy?

There are so many things to do in Cape Town. If you covet beach activities, you can head to the mountains, shops, restaurants, Cape Winelands or sightseeing spots. The choice is yours. Tourists in Cape Town have plenty of options.

Get your butt to the beach...

With beaches catering for visitors’ every need, Cape Town’s beach scene is worth exploring. Decide what type of holiday you are after, then match it up with the best beaches and rentals in Cape Town near a beach.

It’s best to book your rental in Cape Town near a beach. The novelty of such an experience will make your beach holiday very convenient. You might just discover life really is a beach.

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