Noordhoek beach in Cape Town

Discover 12 of Cape Town’s best beaches on the Atlantic Seaboard

Visitors to Cape Town have a choice of no less than 72 beaches, all within easy reach of the CBD. A coastline of over 300 kilometres surrounds the city and along the way are numerous beaches – each with unique character and appeal!

From inner city beach favourites like Camps Bay and Clifton to the more remote and romantic in Llandudno and Hout Bay, Cape Town beaches offer something for everyone.

Many of these are Blue Flag beaches too – which means they conform to a high international standard regarding cleanliness, safety and amenities. We have compiled a list of our favourite beaches to help you plan the holiday of a lifetime! Many of these beaches are close to lovely vacation rentals, making it possible to have an unforgettable beach vacation on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard.

Bakoven beach

Bakoven is an upmarket residential area near Camps Bay, a cluster of luxury bungalows and apartments on a gorgeous coastal setting. The beach is secluded and surrounded by boulders and has the magnificent Twelve Apostles mountain range as a backdrop. It is Ideal for those who prefer a more intimate swimming and sunbathing beach.

Camps Bay beach

Lined by palm trees and a stretch of beautiful white sand, Camps Bay beach was named as one of the best beaches in the world. It is close to the city centre, there is plenty of parking, and it is the perfect place on a hot afternoon to come for a swim, a bit of sunbathing and a late afternoon cocktail. It is a Blue Flag beach with toilets and showers.

Camps Bay beach in Cape Town
Camps Bay beach

Clifton beach

This exclusive residential area is close to the city centre and boasts four small beaches known as Clifton 1, 2, 3 and 4. Surrounded by the mountains and large boulders, Clifton’s beachfront is frequented by models and film stars and is a favourite sundowner destination. Clifton 4th beach is also a Blue Flag beach but parking can be a problem especially in the busy months, so bear that in mind.

Dungeons beach

Situated near Hout Bay, the picturesque rural village outside of Cape Town, Dungeons beach is for surfing professionals and experienced wave riders. It is reached via boat ride from Hout Bay harbour. Once you are there, prepare for some killer waves and hardcore ocean conditions.

Glen beach

On the far end of Camps Bay beach and sheltered by massive boulders, Glen beach is an excellent spot for those who want to get away from the crowds for a bit of privacy. An excellent place to come with the kids as the beach does not get a lot of wind and is still close enough to the amenities at Camps Bay.

Llandudno beach

Another Blue Flag beach, Llandudno is genuinely one of the top city beaches. It is less busy than the beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton, partly due to the distance from Cape Town (about a 20 minute drive away). The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and it is often quiet even in peak season. Less commercial and touristy, the beach is also an excellent spot to go surfing, especially for more novice surfers.

Llandudno beach in Cape Town
Llandudno beach

Oudekraal beach

Along the coastal road outside of the busy hub of Camps Bay, you will find the tranquil Oudekraal beach. It is one of those hidden Cape Town gems that not many people know about. An excellent place to bring especially younger children, as they can play about in the shallow water and there are also picnic and barbeque facilities.

Mouille Point beach

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Mouille Point beach is that it is only five minutes from the V&A Waterfront as well as Cape Town city centre. So if you have no time for a big outing – Mouille Point is perfect. It is also ideal for families as there are no big waves and the rocks created quite a peaceful setting.

Sandy Bay beach

One of Cape Town’s best-known beaches – but mainly because it is the official nudist beach. It requires a bit of a walk, so be prepared for the hike to the main beach. Sandy Bay is an adult beach and not recommended for families or children. That being said, it is a gorgeous stretch of coast and quite an experience to visit.

Saunders Rock beach

For those based in the city – and especially visitors with children, Saunders Rock beach is a great option. There is a tidal pool among the rocks, which is fantastic for swimming for especially the little ones. There is not much white sand or sunbathing opportunity here, but if you are looking to kill an hour or two and amuse the kids – Saunders Rock beach will do the trick.

Sea Point beach

Situated in the heart of the busy Sea Point region and along the promenade, Sea Point has plenty of sand as well as access to the sea for those who fancy a dip in the ocean. It is one of the best city beaches to visit for those who have limited time as well as families with children who are just looking for a quiet spot to build a sea castle and feel the water.

Three Anchor Bay beach

This beach is popular with water sports fans who use it to launch jet skis and kayaks. It is in Sea Point, close to Mouille Point and there is parking in the road. There are some sand and rocks, and it is possible to go into the water here. There are some rocks, which is excellent for children wanting to try their hand at fishing or exploring for a few hours.

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Cape Town beaches are a big drawcard for visitors in the busy summer months, and there is no better place on a warm afternoon that somewhere close to the water’s edge, listening to water washing onto the shore. There is fantastic beachfront accommodation in Cape Town on various beaches or close enough to feel the spray of the ocean.

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