Clifton beach in Cape Town

Clifton beachfront: a paradise for lazy beach lovers with 4 sheltered beaches

With luxurious penthouses and sumptuous villas overlooking Clifton beachfront in a sheltered, exclusive setting, it is no wonder that Clifton is one of the most desirable residential areas in Cape Town.

The most expensive properties in the country are found here, nestled into the cliffs and overlooking the breathtaking view of gleaming white sand, picturesque boulders dotted among the waves with the imposing Twelve Apostles mountain range in the distance.

Trendy and vibey

Clifton becomes very busy during the summer months as many international visitors come to soak up the sun in gorgeous bungalows built on the beach, staying in any one of the many rental properties overlooking these fabulous beaches. While some of these are renovated, historic cottages, others are more contemporary, architectural masterpieces – making Clifton the ultimate, sophisticated beach chic destination.

Clifton is a sought-after holiday choice because:

  • There are 4 unique beaches
  • The beaches are sheltered from strong wind
  • They are close to the city centre – about 10 minutes by car
  • Topless sunbathing is allowed
  • You can easily stroll from one beach to the next, even to Camps Bay
  • Close to the road, for parking

Each of the Clifton beaches has its own character and is worth seeing – even if only for photographs and to get a few selfies.

Clifton 1st beach

The first of the four beaches features a stretch of sand among boulders, close to the impressive apartments and houses built into the cliff face. Perhaps the least private, there are always some spots to get away from prying eyes, but it does tend to be less busy especially in peak summer months.

Clifton 2nd beach

A short walk over the boulders and you will find the second beach. A lovely cove of white sand surrounded by bushes and trees, this beach is popular with surfers. It is more private, although for toilets, you will need to walk either to 1st or 4th beach. An excellent place for those brave enough to face the chilly water.

Clifton 3rd beach

Some say it is the prettiest of the beaches and can be reached via stairs from the road. While the walk down is not arduous, going back up the stairs to the main road at the end of the day, can be tiring, so don’t pack too heavily. Also known as the most gay-friendly of the Clifton beaches.

Clifton 4th beach

The most popular of the Clifton beaches are close to Camps Bay. It is a Blue Flag beach and probably the best option for families as there are toilets, outdoor showers and kiosks selling snacks. Lifeguards are also in attendance during the holiday season. Umbrellas and sun loungers are available for hire in the summer months.

Visit the best beaches in the city

For visitors coming to Cape Town, it makes sense to search for accommodation in Clifton. Not only are you close to the city centre, but near the best beaches in the city.

You are spoilt for choice and could go to a different beach each day. Many villas and holiday homes are within walking distance of the beach and this makes the whole holiday experience so much more enjoyable.

Not sure how to proceed? Why not contact us for advice or have a look at our luxury beachfront holiday rentals. Our friendly team is always ready with helpful advice or tips on how to get the most out of your holiday.