Rent holiday homes

Holiday homes to rent in Cape Town can be your perfect solution

We’re not all equally mobile or sociable, but we can all do with a well-deserved rest at a holiday home to rent in Cape Town.

Bump and baby in tow

Expecting or new moms often don’t feel like facing the world and exposing their little ones to crowds. Your holiday home can offer you as much luxury as any hotel, with a whole lot of convenience added to the mix. No enduring of friendly pats on your belly from strangers in the hotel lobby, or carting around sleeping babies in carrycots and prams. You can simply relax in the privacy of your rented holiday home.

Toddler training

If you’ve ever had to run after a toddler or watched someone doing just that, you may agree that public holiday places are not always the best place for little rug rats to be. Staying in a holiday home to rent in Cape Town, you can keep your little urchin calm and quietly in his or her routine. When your toddler catches a nap, you can stay nearby without being all alone in a hotel room. You and your partner can enjoy guilt-free meals in your rented holiday home without involving a babysitter.

Teenage mean age

Some teenagers take their hormonal volatility to the next level and if you are careful to expose strangers in public places to slamming doors and shouting, a holiday home to rent may just be your family’s perfect option.

Fido deserves a holiday too

Inseparable from your dog, budgie, cat or goldfish? You may just find a holiday home to rent where the owners will be happy to accommodate you and your menagerie. Be sure to double check with your rental agent before you arrive in Noah’s Ark with nowhere to go with your pets.

Convalescent patients

After a little nip and tuck, you may not feel up to facing the world. Perhaps you need to recuperate after an injury or illness in a space you and your family can call your own. Well, then a vacation in a rented holiday home is just what the doctor ordered, where you can get strong again in a safe and homely environment.

Elderly and frail

When the years start taking their toll, you may not feel up to holidaying in crowded public spaces and rather favour a rented holiday home where you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Check beforehand that your rented holiday home has easy access and is wheelchair-friendly if necessary.

Extended families

More than 10 people going away on holiday? Your best and most cost-effective option may be to secure a large holiday home to rent in Camps Bay with ample accommodation for everyone under the same roof.