Camps Bay A to Z

Discover the A to Z of Camps Bay

Think of the most beautiful place in the world… If you’re not thinking about Camps Bay right now, it’s time to familiarise yourself with the A to Z of why Camps Bay is so spectacular!

(A) Awesome views are the first thing that comes to mind when considering Camps Bay as a perfect vacation station.

(B) Beautiful beach and sunset moments await visitors at this seaside treasure.

(C) Camps Bay says it all!

(D) Drink in the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from the deck or patio of your luxury apartment or villa.

(E) Enjoy the best Cape Town has to offer from a top location.

(F) Fun in the sun, all day long.

(G) Gorgeous people all around. Camps Bay is the place to be seen.

(H) Happy days and holidays will fill your vacation memories.

(I) Ice cold drinks to make things even more interesting wait in this seaside haven.

(J) Jolling (local slang for partying) abounds on the streets of Camps Bay after the sun had set.

(K) Keep coming back for more – you will always want to return to your fun in the sunspot in Camps Bay.

(L) Love the place, love the space, love the people, love the vibe – Camps Bay has it all.

(M) Mountain views are fantastic too. Turn to your right for magic Lion’s Head views and to your left to see the Twelve Apostles adorn the skyline.

(N) Nourish your soul with the vast expanse of the 180˚ sea view and natural beauty.

(O) “Oh my word”-gasp at the beauty surrounding you everywhere in Camps Bay.

(P) Pace yourself throughout your happy holiday.

(Q) Queues are acceptable to gain access to the hottest of Camps Bay’s hotspots.

(R) Rest and relax and rejuvenate.

(S) See the sea; seascapes you will never forget.

(T) Turn around to trudge up Table Mountain – an experience to last you a lifetime.

(U) Understand what holidaying really is about and share your magic moments with family and friends.

(V) Vacation time is your time, make the most of it in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.W – Walk around on a warm evening and wax lyrical about the white sandy beach.

(X) Xtreme pleasures await adrenaline junkies. Abseiling or paragliding are just some of the extreme sports you can get up to while staying in Camps Bay.

(Y) Year in and year out, Camps Bay remains one of the Cape’s most popular holiday spots.

(Z) Zone in on yourself and zzz – make time to sleep and dream about your next holiday in Camps Bay.

Stop reading about Camps Bay, start planning your visit! Explore your Camps Bay accommodation options.