Bar nightlife in Cape Town

Advice for nightlife in Cape Town

While there are endless activities to do during the day in Cape Town, visitors should not forget about the vibrant nightlife. Like any big city in the world, Cape Town has its fair share of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hangouts. Visitors should enjoy what the city has to offer at night, but also take similar precautions as they would in any foreign city.

Cape Town is a world-class holiday destination. It is one of the most picturesque cities in the world and it is a hive of activity and mixed cultures. Tourists are guaranteed a great time when visiting the Western Cape of South Africa, especially when they make a booking at one of our luxury villas in the region. 

Tips for experiencing nightlife in Cape Town 

1. Choose what sort of vibe you’re looking for – Before heading out on the town, decide what sort of activities you want to indulge in. If you’re looking for a calm evening walk with the possibility of a meal, we’d suggest heading to the V&A Waterfront. There are plenty of top-class restaurants serving a variety of cuisines at this historic harbour. The venue also offers the opportunity to see some historical monuments, such as the red Clock Tower that was the original Port Captain’s Office in 1882, under the light of the moon.

If you’re wanting to have a few drinks at bars, then Camps Bay or Bree Street are your best bets. These two roads are lined with a plethora of watering holes and pubs, which makes moving between spots easy. These are probably two of the most vibrant streets when it comes to nightlife and also have their share of restaurants. Just be cautious when walking on the streets at night, as you would in any foreign city.

2. Good times are made better with friends – All meals and drinking excursions are instantly made better with friends. When exploring Cape Town at night, you’ll have a far better time if you’re with friends or family. If you’re moving between locations, try to stick together. Cape Town does have a few pickpockets, especially in the city centre, and guests will be better off travelling in pairs or groups. 

When calling a taxi or an Uber, travel with someone you know. It just makes the journey safer and more pleasant. Having companions on a night out will mean that you have people to look after you and vice versa. You can make sure someone gets home safely if they have drunk too much or you can simply have someone to share memories with the next day.

3. Cape Town is safe but be vigilant – In general, Cape Town is a safe city for tourists. As with all cities around the world, there are certain places that should be avoided, such as unlit alleyways. Be vigilant when walking around at night and avoid dark alleys or taking shortcuts if possible. Calling a taxi or and Uber is better than walking.

Be sure to watch your wallet and phone at all times, don’t leave them on bar counters or on top of tables. A bit of care and attention will ensure that you have the best night without losing any belongings. It goes without saying, avoid drinking so much that you lose the ability to perform basic functions. Have fun and be safe.

4. Stay dry at night – Cape Town has some of the best beaches in the world. These amazing locations should be explored during the day but avoided at night. Most people know that swimming at night is not a good idea, but this is a gentle reminder to stay dry. If something goes wrong while swimming in the ocean at night, it can turn into a big problem

Many of the beaches have lifeguards on duty, but they go home at sunset. With no lifeguards observing the water at night, swimmers are at risk of drowning. We have many villas on offer with swimming pools and rooftop Jacuzzis, so rather opt for one of these accommodation options than deciding to have a late-night swim in the sea.

5. Be considerate on holiday – Obviously, all tourists and guests want to have fun while on holiday but be mindful of others too. A little bit of compassion and kindness can go a long way in Cape Town and will help you make the most of your nightlife experience. Avoid arguing with strangers and don’t make too much noise at restaurants as this can offend certain diners.

Don’t pull out your wallet on the street to give people money – you may think this is a compassionate act, but you could be mugged for your cash. Flashing wealth is not a great idea. Instead, simply be polite when asked for money and feel free to decline in a nice manner. This is sometimes more considerate than handing out money and it is certainly safer.

These are our top tips for experiencing nightlife in Cape Town. For more insights and advice, speak to one of our local experts when making a booking through Your Cape Town trip will definitely be a memorable one for all the right reasons. Use these tips to make the most of the evenings in the city and to ensure your safety while on holiday.


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