Botrivier is truly a weary holidaymaker’s delight. This beautiful little gem offers visitors a wonderful vacation full of rest and relaxation.

The quaint little village of Botrivier is located in the foothills of the Houw Hoek Mountains, in the Overberg region on the way to Hermanus. The local Bot River winds through a fertile valley that is encircled by mountains covered with fynbos, historical wine farms and rolling fields of wheat.

Botrivier is truly a holidaymaker’s delight. It might be a small town, but it is by no means insignificant! This beautiful little gem offers visitors a wonderful vacation full of rest and relaxation.

The Bot River flows right through the town and ends up in a large lagoon, which forms a marsh at its mouth. Thousands of waterfowl have made this area their home and one of the last remaining herds of wild horses can still be found roaming through this region.

Botrivier is perfect for tourists who want to get away from the crowds, especially during whale watching season, but still want to be close enough to civilization for easy access to amenities and viewing opportunities. Botrivier is a marvellous holiday retreat for nature lovers, wine enthusiasts and artists who enjoy the sheer tranquillity and the complete escape from daily life.

The picturesque Bot River Wine Route is home to an extensive range of wineries that vary from age old historic cellars to ultra-modern, state of the art facilities, which are all committed to producing original, high quality wines.

In the early days the area of Botrivier was inhabited by the Khoi-Khoi tribes who used to travel along the river, because it provided the best grazing for their cattle. The Khoi-Khoi or Hottentot name for the Bot River was Gouga, loosely translated as “abundance of fat” – which is also the same word they used for butter. Later on around 1672, merchants used to come from the Cape carrying barrels of butter that they used to trade. The river became known as the Botter (butter) River and was later shortened to Bot Rivier.

  • Fly fishing
  • Wine tasting
  • Golf
  • Offroad 4×4 trails
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking

During June and November the Cape Overberg coastline, also known as the Cape Whale Coast, becomes the playground for the giants of the sea. During mating season these whales travel long distances to come and give birth to their young before the take on the long journey home. This is one of the best times to visit Botrivier. December and January can become busy with locals on holiday, but because of its tranquil setting, any day of the year is a good time to visit.

  • A laid back atmosphere
  • Small town tranquillity
  • First class wine route

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