Vacation rental apartments

Vacation rental apartments – a better choice that hotels

Here are 10 good reasons why a vacation rental apartment may be a better choice for your holiday than a hotel stay.


If you like a slow start in the mornings, you don’t have to get dressed before enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony. The privacy afforded by a vacation rental apartment is one of the top reasons why people feel they relax better in a vacation rental apartment.

Family friendly

A vacation rental apartment gives you the option of sharing your space with the kids, without sacrificing your bedroom and TV. Kids can take over the other bedroom(s) and romp around in the lounge without creating too much of a public commotion.

Space to relax and entertain

You have the option to entertain friends in a vacation rental apartment without everyone having to pile into your bedroom. If your partner wants to sleep and you’re keen on watching TV, no problem, you have enough room to spread out.

Kitchen facilities

One of the most expensive things about a hotel is that you have to either eat out or order in at room service rates. A vacation rental apartment gives you the chance to stock your fridge with what you like and makes the meals you want at home. You can also get a caterer to prepare meals in your own kitchen during your vacation.

Laundry facilities

Most vacation rental apartments are fitted with laundry facilities so that you can wash your clothes as you need it and hang out your bathing suit to dry without clogging up your bathroom.

Concierge available

Vacation rental apartments offer full concierge services, so you are not isolated and can access all the usual hotel services and booking facilities.


You enjoy the best of both worlds with a vacation rental apartment. Just like in a hotel, your apartment is serviced daily so you don’t have to lift a finger while on holiday.

Excellent locations and choice

Cape Town offers a large variety of vacation rental apartments, some as centrally located at the V&A Waterfront. You will find one in the location you want to be that will cater to all your individual needs.

Shared facilities such as pool and gym areas

Just like any hotel, most vacation rental apartment blocks offer gyms, swimming pools and outdoor relaxation areas where guests can soak up the sun.

Better value

The bottom line is that your vacation rental apartment, in the same location as a comparative hotel, is sure to be easier on your pocket than a hotel stay. Find a vacation rental apartment at the V&A Waterfront where you can relax and spread out during your next holiday in Cape Town.