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Take your pick of luxury vacation rentals

You’re working hard, right? Isn’t it time you pick a special treat for yourself and your loved ones? With a wide choice of luxury vacation rentals available, we may just have an option to indulge you.

Pick your company

Whether you want a romantic getaway with your life partner, a vacation with the kids or some party time with family and friends, Cape Town Villas can recommend luxury vacation rentals that will suit your needs and comfortably accommodate your holiday party.

There are options available for any number of people to have the holiday of a lifetime together – from an apartment for two to a villa for twenty. And if you’re on a business trip and need to pick an apartment just for you, we can also help you make do.

Pick your spot

Do you want to hear, smell and see the sea, feel the pulse of the city or taste the fruits of the Winelands? Cape Town Villas has the perfect accommodation for you.

Travelling for business or pleasure, accommodation is available throughout Cape Town and its surrounding areas – from the V&A Waterfront to Camps Bay, the city bowl, leafy Southern Suburbs to the Deep South seaside areas of Simonstown and Kalk Bay, the alluring Winelands and beyond – your luxury vacation rental waits to welcome you.

Pick your services

Need a pick-up from the airport or a car to rent? No problem. Personalised concierge services are available to assist with your business or holiday itinerary.

We can also help make your personal arrangement such as chefs, babysitters, grocery shopping, laundry services, etc. It’s up to you to decide what you need to compliment your stay and we will take the hassle away and arrange it according to your wishes.

Pick your facilities

Luxury vacation rentals come in different shapes and sizes and each offers unique facilities.

Many luxury villas are equipped with home gyms, swimming pools and spa facilities such as saunas and spa baths. Luxury holiday apartments mostly form part of a block with well-equipped gyms and swimming pools and outdoor recreational areas.

When you book, state your needs and we will match you up with your perfect luxury vacation rental.

Pick your pastime

Vacation is a time for treats and if you are on holiday in Cape Town and surrounds, you will never be far from a bar or restaurant which offers tempting culinary options to spice up your holiday.

However, your pick of pastimes doesn’t end with bars and restaurants. Wine, craft beer, whiskey, brandy and gin tasting is on the cards – anywhere from large commercial to tiny boutique producers in and around Cape Town.

Apart from tasting pleasures, pick any number of great outdoor pastimes that will create holiday memories second to none. And if your preferred pastime is cultural activities, there is no short supply of interesting museums, historic sights and even theatre and markets to emerge you into local character.

And of course, if you prefer to simply pick around in the sand, Cape Town’s beaches are made for relaxing in the sun.

Why don’t you choose to cherry pick from a variety of luxury vacation rentals in Cape Town?