Sea Point

Sea Point is well-known for its bustling, 24-hour cosmopolitan vibe and attracts many holidaymakers to its beautiful promenade.

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Sea Point is a populated area with many high-rise buildings and apartment blocks, situated along the seafront. It is a popular spot to sunbathe with a few small sandy coves where people can relax and enjoy a family picnic right on the beach.

Sea Point’s beaches are small and situated right next to the busy promenade so very convenient, and during low tide the massive rocks can be seen poking out above ocean. Even though the ocean is very cold, there are a few rock pools where the kids can splash about.

The Sea Point promenade is popular for joggers, rollerbladers and dog owners. The Sea Point Main Road is less than a block from the promenade and is where you will find a large amount of shops, restaurants, clubs and bars that become very busy during the summer season.

There are a number of kiddies parks that run alongside the promenade and the Sea Point swimming pool that is accessible by the public at the pavilion. The pool looks out over the Atlantic Ocean and offers spectacular views.