Never a place to skimp on location, the four idyllic coves of Clifton Beach lie at the foot of Lion’s Head, halfway between Bantry Bay and Camps Bay. Inter-linked by granite boulders, and lapped by iridescent blue water, these are some of Cape Town’s best and trendiest beaches.

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Characterised by protected bays and sheltered from the south-easterly winds that prevail throughout much of summer, Clifton’s four beaches are the playgrounds of the rich and beautiful, but also popular with students, families and tourists. No surprise then that a stylish Clifton Beach beach villa is ideal for a Cape Town beach holiday. You might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve ended up on the French Riviera: glittering luxury yachts and catamarans drop anchor in the bay as sunset transforms Clifton Beach into a speckled wonderland of candlelight picnics and spontaneous beach-parties. Our stylish Clifton villa accommodation allows you access to a convenient and exclusive Cape Town lifestyle.Clifton’s beaches are ‘themed’ in the sense that each attracts a certain crowd. The most frequented and accessible, Fourth Beach is the safest for swimming and has facilities including ablutions, a kiosk and a lifesaving club, making it very family-friendly. Third Beach is a buzzing arena for beautiful bodies, sun worshippers, and models recuperating between shoots, and it is popular with the gay community. Quieter and more pristine than the other beaches, First and Second are a steep descent from the access road and generally attract a younger, more bohemian crowd. And no prizes for guessing that there’s plenty of accommodation to choose from: Our Clifton holiday rentals on Third and Fourth Beach are in an elite area that has its architecture governed by South African Heritage in order to maintain a quiet seaside ambience. The minor inconvenience of compact living spaces, steep stairs and street parking is more than compensated for by the sheer beauty of the location and the novelty of seaside living. Our Clifton Beach luxury apartments on First and Second Beach are generally more convenient in terms of access and parking and have the advantage of sublime panoramic views due to the increased elevation. Our Clifton Beach Luxury Villas overlook the magnificent sweep of Clifton from shady forested surroundings further up the mountain. These exclusive properties offer spectacular views, generous spaces, parking and privacy.