Cape Town City Centre

The Cape Town City Bowl has one of the most beautiful urban settings in the world. Surrounded on three sides by the slopes of the famous flat-topped Table Mountain and on the fourth side by the harbour and deep blue sea of Table Bay, Cape Town’s inner city environment will literally stop most first-time visitors to ‘The Mother City’ in their tracks and condemn them to spending their initial few hours gazing around at the views, not quite believing that a city, and South Africa’s second biggest city at that, could have such a bold and awe-inspiring location.

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And you’d do well to keep your eye on the mountain: its imposing buttresses and peaks not only create an impressive backdrop to everyday life in Cape Town but provide a point of reference for any directions. Oh, and just to finish things off, it’s lit up at night as well. Cape Town’s city centre – unlike many of South Africa’s city centres it must be lamentably added – is accessible, well-policed and full of things to do. It positively teems with a harmonious multi-cultural life during the day, offering keen shoppers everything from the most modern Western goods to African artefacts, real or otherwise. Elegant business people rushing to appointments rub shoulders with flower sellers and street traders from all over Africa.Many of Cape Town’s city highlights – museums, galleries, African eateries – are within walking distance of each other, and the incomparable V&A Waterfront is a 10-minute taxi ride away.And at night things really get started as the lights go up on a host of first-class restaurants and bars. Cape Town is a gourmet’s paradise with no shortage of good food in and around the city centre. The cuisine is a truly global selection of tastes ranging from local Cape Malay style (a mix of Dutch and East Indian food) to the highest level of fine dining. And of course no meal is complete without a glass – or two – of the internationally acclaimed Cape wines, direct from the vineyards just out of town.Cape Town’s City Bowl villa accommodation consists of a selection of private villas and luxury apartments; some boasting dramatic views of the city, the harbour and the mountain while others are tucked away down quiet residential streets that are conveniently close to the city centre.On a final note, we’d like to remind you that although Cape Town is one of South Africa’s safest cities, it is still a big city and like with big cities all over the world, you’d be wise to get local advice about where to go and where not to go. Walking around at night away from the central Long Street area is not advised and making use of the many taxis is strongly recommended.